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Company Overview

Who We Are & What We Do

For over 40 years, SLJ Global Tbk has been championing sustainable Forest management in Indonesia.

We have the responsibility to steward the Forests so that they continue to provide life for our next generations.

Our business and activities are centered around how to maximize the value of the Forests for the World.

We provide various Forest timber and non-timber products and services that demonstrates Forests are the solution for a climate positive future.

Our focus on Innovation in Sustainability solves for the world’s pressing issues and builds climate resilient societies.

Board of Commissioners

DR. David, S.E., M.M.
President Commissioner
Amiruddin Arris
Dr. Saud Usman Nasution, S.H., M.M., M.H.
Independent Commissioner

Board of Directors

Amir Sunarko
President Director
Rudy Gunawan
Vice President Director
Bubun Hasbullah