Forest Timber Products

Our wood products are the building blocks for a sustainable future

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SLJ has established itself in the marketplace as the leading producer and exporter of high-quality engineered wood products to customers worldwide, upholding the highest integrity to sustainable forest management and to international quality standard across its business.

Sustainability Starts From The Source

With natural materials sourced from sustainably managed forests, we take a conscientious approach to sourcing and processing underpinned by our sustainable management principles.

Verified and certified under SVLK and FSC Chain of Custody (CoC), we ensure that the wood are 100% sourced and traceable to legal and sustainably managed forests.

Responsible Use and Consumption

Every single part of the wood is either processed into products, recycled and reassembled into other products, or utilized in the production of supporting materials.

We ensure that precious wood are fully utilized and that there are zero wastes.

Contribution to Circular Economy

Our processes use low-carbon materials and minimize emissions, while contributing to the circular economy as part of our promise to safeguard our natural environment for generations to come.

Your Ideal Choice of Wood

Every wood product we craft demonstrates high performance, quality and sustainability.

Timber Legality Assurance System

Certificate No. BRIK-VLK-0015. Issued by LVLK -(BRIK-QS)
Issued: 06/05/2020
Exp: 05/05/2023

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC): Chain of Custody (CoC)

Certificate No. TT-COC-003748. Issued by Exova BM Trada
Issued: 09/05/2021
Exp: 08/05/2026

California Air Resources Board

Certificate No. TPC 6/CARB-ATCM/M002-HWPW/002. Issued by Mutu Certification International.
Issued: 09/09/2020
Exp: 08/09/2021

United States Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA)

Certificate No. TPC 6/EPA-TSCA/M002-HWPW002. Issued by Mutu Certification International.
Issued: 09/09/2021
Exp: 08/09/2022

Notice of Authorization JAS

Certificate No. MALQ/P02/025; MALQ/P02-LF/025. Issued by Mutu Certification International.
Issued: 13/05/2019
Exp: 11/06/2022

Conformity of the Factory Production Control (CE Marking)

Certificate No. 2812-CPR-0653. Issued by Element Material Technology Rotterdam B.V.
Issued: 13/11/2020
Exp: 24/09/2023

Marine Plywood (Diamond Mark)

Certificate No. DM P52006. Issued by TFT Woodexperts Limited.
Issued: 24/09/2020
Exp: 31/12/2022
International Markets

Customer’s Trust built on Reputation and Value Creation

Our products deliver solutions for residential, commercial and industrial customers worldwide.
We have presence in over 26 countries.
United States
South Korea
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Explore Our Premium Products

We combine expertise in wood science, decades of woodworking experience, and best-in-class technology to design and construct innovative wood products that deliver high performance in a range of applications, in any weather conditions.

These innovative engineered wood products deliver the strength, weight, durability, dimensional stability and natural aesthetics, sourced from sustainably managed forests, and supported by our expertise in responsible forest stewardship.

General Plywood


Floor-base Plywood


Marine Plywood


Truck Flooring


Container Flooring


Bending Plywood


Film Faced Plywood



Why Choose our Wood?

Sustainably Sourced

Sourced exclusively from responsibly managed sustainable forests

Sustainably Produced

Designed and manufactured with minimal waste and with renewable sources of energy, with the lowest possible climate footprint

Exceptional Product Performance & Quality

Engineered to create superior strength, weight, durability, stability, and aesthetics, with the highest quality materials, machines, and minds

Material Health

Conform to international standards for formaldehyde emission, assuring users of low emission, non-toxic products that do not cause chemical harm

Contribution to Circular Economy

Designed to be long lasting and can be reused and repurposed at the end of their lifetimes

Enable Sustainable Building Solutions

Superior performance with the possibilities of prefabrication, modularity and sustainability are all merits that stem from the beauty of wood materials. 

Our innovation in wood technology and product development are driven to promote the benefit of wood in architecture.

We gladly invite architects and contractors to collaborate on their sustainable building endeavours.

If you are interested in our products or collaborating with us
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